Promoting Tourism That Makes A Positive Difference To People And The Planet

Consulting Services

We are a small group of individual consultants working together to share our skills with those who need them. We offer a wide range of tourism related services, which include a booking platform to help you find an authentic and real African experience with a fair trade ethos.

Serendipity Africa has been set up to offer s a multi-functional tool that will help you to find the information you need about responsible tourism in Southern Africa. Whether you are a potential visitor looking for inspiration, a business needing a greener direction, or simply someone who wants to know more about responsible tourism developments on the African continent, we are here to help.

Our consultants have specialist skills encompassing a myriad of different areas, but the end goal is the same - to promote and raise awareness of responsible tourism in southern Africa.

We work with international tourists, tourism organisations, governments and private individuals, and our aim is to create a positive future, helping our destination to be the best in the world. While at the same time using tourism as a positive driver for economic growth in the region.