Promoting Tourism That Makes A Positive Difference To People And The Planet

Who we are

The interest and enthusiasm for creating sustainable tourism destinations is growing, but for businesses wanting to follow this new path there is often a lack of information to know where to start. Serendipity Africa offers guidance and support by evaluating an existing business and provide a structured framework to implement a balanced economic, environmental and social foundation.

Some businesses require marketing support to promote and the ‘responsible tourism’ message effectively. Serendipity Africa can analyse your business needs and if necessary provide marketing representation so that a tourism product is matched with the most suitable sectors of the industry, and ensure that the right people get to know about what your are doing.

As a qualified national trainer for Fair Trade Tourism South Africa, two day courses covering the basics of responsible tourism are available for tourism businesses and their staff to introduce the concept to both key stakeholders and grass routes level staff.

If the principles of responsible tourism are properly understood and embraced as the key to a business model, the benefits can be felt throughout the organisation.